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The women’s cropped pant by SlimSation provide a flattering fit for all women.

Women’s crop pants have been a staple in most women’s wardrobe since before the 80s dating back to the 40s when woman began to wear pants more frequently. A common style among teenagers became denim pants rolled up from the bottom simulating some modern crop styles. In the 1960’s Mary Tyler Moore debuted capri pants to popularize this cropped pant. Today they are essentials in the closets of women, organized on hangers or folded neatly and placed in dressers. Cropped pants for women are not meant to be dress pants but can be a perfect pair for casual meetings.

Why are various cropped pants so essential in women’s clothing?

Depending on where a lady lives, they may wear them in the winter but in most cases this clothing is worn in the spring, all throughout the summer, and during the fall. These outdoor pants have straight leg styles with comfortable inseams.

These clothes can be worn on casual occasions and can be dressed up with the proper women’s tops. Suitable for picnics, barbecues, and nights out with friends, the cropped styles these days are available in cargo, workout, track, palazzo, and classic styles. They are available in a variety of materials: cargo and denim, ripstop and tencel fabrics, in addition to cotton and linen.

Women dress in cropped tuxedo styles for a more business professional appearance although they are not full ankle length. The length of crops with vary with styles, capris and pedal pushers are a bit shorter where some ankle pants with a hem cuff will be considered crops as well.

The SlimSation by Multiples crop pant is unique in that our items suit both petite and plus size women. The crop pants incorporate our fit technology where the clothes hold using the tummy control panel to make your waist look slim and natural. They also stretch and maintain their shape for those concerned about maternity or post birth fitting. They are not too tight around the leg and SlimSation has your size pants available.

The most popular colors for the Multiples brand crops are black, white, navy, and red. Camo is not in our line but other stylish patterns are available for sale. Once you try a pair you will surely return to our online store to buy multiple more. Be sure to pick up a pair of your choice, color, or pattern before they go out of stock.

Accompany your women’s trousers with a pair of heels and let that hem highlight your fashion sense. You are going to love your new crop pants. Wear any SlimSation tops with your new pair of pants for a fabulous outfit. Be sure to share SlimSation when your friends ask where you got your cute top and crop pants.