Now Seeking Slimsation Brand Ambassadors!

What this means for YOU :

  • Product package featuring the latest Slimsation pieces
  • 30% Discount on any additional Slimsation merchandise of your choice
  • Promotion via Slimsation’s social media channels 
  • Ambassadors will also have earning potential

What are Your Requirements?

  1. Post quality photos and videos to your social media feed of you wearing Slimsation.
  2. Images and image tags must live on your public social grid on your social channels at minimum of 4 times per month (approx. 1 time per week).
  3. Engage on Slimsation’s social channels by liking and commenting on photos
  4. Share links to our website including sharing your unique and exclusive discount code.


*Duties are subject to change over time as the Ambassador Program grows. Please note all social media platforms must be PUBLIC for consideration*