Love the Skin You're In

“You define beauty yourself. Society doesn’t define your beauty.”  Lady Gaga


When I was younger, I spent a lot of time thinking about how flat my stomach was or how fat my thighs looked. I was so self-conscious! As I have matured, I’ve decided that life is too short for such self-negativity. I prefer to focus my time on loving what’s unique about me. As a result, I’m able to focus more on what’s happening around me and appreciate my relationships so much more.


Tips For Dressing For Your Body Type:

  1. Don’t wear oversized clothes.
  2. Find a “go-to” core piece that makes you look great. Build your wardrobe around this item.
  3. Do a closet cleanout. Get rid of clothing that is too big or too small, and donate them to a local shelter. You’ll be able to assess your closet much easier now.
  4. If something doesn’t fit quite right, get rid of it in your closet cleanout. You won’t feel confident if you’re tugging at your clothing.
  5. If you want to minimize a specific area of your body, opt for dark colors. Use patterns and bright colors to accentuate the features you’re most confident about.

Here’s an example of how I dress based on my figure. I’m short-waisted, have a “tummy” and my shoulders are narrow. The best pants for me reach my ankles or are boot-cut. This draws the eye away from my midsection. I can wear a brighter patterned top that will act as camouflage for my belly and make my shoulders look broader. I stay away from high-waisted and tapered pants.


Boost Confidence With These Basic Wardrobe Essentials


Bootcut Jean – Midnight Indigo


John Mark Peasant Top

Pull on Ankle Pant with Back Pockets

Bateau Neck Print Top


Pull on Narrow Leg Pant

Lapel Front Print Jacket


Finally, when you are comfortable and look good, your self-confidence is boosted and it shows to people around you. Always remember, you are beautiful just as you are!