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Women’s tops by SlimSation are simply amazing. Our tunic tops, women’s blouses, and other tops for women will enhance your wardrobe. Our tops collection provides exclusive offers to dressy tops in limited runs of colors and designs.

Women’s clothing has changed in recent years and SlimSation has adapted with the trends. From the colors and patterns to all of the different materials and styles. Women’s fashion now has a new style for every season winter, spring, summer, and fall with thick but lightweight pieces to accommodate the changing environments.

We have a wide variety of women’s shirts and blouses that fit well with women’s jeans, leggings, and any pair of SlimSation pants. Cute tops and the right pair of shoes will make your outfit complete. Not your average tops and blouses, we provide many size tops to accommodate every woman petite to plus size.

SlimSation creates plain color tanks and embroidered tencel tunics, halter pieces, and button up denim shirts with you and current style trends in mind. The choice is up to you regarding what pullover to wear with your leggings. Our designer pieces provide options for sleeveless shirts, short sleeve, ¾ sleeve, and full sleeve items, we even have some off-the-shoulder tops. Different from many other brands, our tops run long in length with more of a loose fit.

Cute Colors and Patterns:

Modern colors are bright and eye catching. Neon colors, best fitted for the active sportswear and gym adventures, have begun to make a presence in women’s shirts for casual wear as well. More common than your neons are the staples and foundation colors: black, white, red, blue, navy, green, yellow, purple, brown, pink, and orange.

Our tops have beautiful patterns incorporating a variety of color combinations and pastel tones. Take a look at our stripes, floral and other print patterns.

Sexy Styles and Materials:

Over the years we have transitioned from velvet materials to lighter cottons, silks, linens and rayon fabrics. There are now so many types of tops it can be hard to keep up with what is and isn’t in style. SlimSation designs the essentials to fill your hangers and closet space.

Tanks have grown in popularity as an athletic piece worn for yoga and running among other workouts. Exercise and fitness have brought tank tops away from the ribbed beater styles to become more fashionable as anchor tops to be worn out with friends and many are now blending the line between fitness and casual wear.

Tunics are among the most popular styles we have for sale and our blouses, kurti and kurta shoulder tops accommodate this staple in your closet. Chambray, racerback, and swing tops are also popular styles suitable for every woman’s wardrobe. Available in high cut and low cut necklines tunics are excellent on all occasions whether it’s for the beach or casual at work.

Tops can be made in a variety of ways, some with lace and frills while others are blank, free of graphics and other funny patterns. Knitting your own clothes may not be as common but knitted sweaters and turtlenecks are still fashionable in the cold season. Waffle and mesh have grown in popularity among the youth with the endless amount of t-shirts.

Some fashion trends take off while others hit a wall. Take a look at flannel as it has ebbed and flowed in and out of fashion over the years. Our patterns and styles may not be in style forever but but we do our due diligence and follow the signs to make sure you are set when it comes to the current and funny fashion trends.

Sport the stylish SlimSation tops by Multiples and notice how our flowy shirts will have you feeling like Marilyn Monroe. Designed with all women in mind the loose fit tops are perfect for women in maternity and post birth as well. Short or tall we have a dressy top for every woman. Each item is made with attention to detail creating high quality pieces giving you confidence no matter where you are going.

We are sure you will love our products and will have multiple items in your cart before you know it. Be sure to check out the other sections of our online store and buy a pair of pants to create a whole new outfit for your SlimSation top. A new outfit or two will have the attention of all of your friends.