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SlimSation skirts are available in traditional and functional styles. Women’s apparel continues to adapt especially in the world of skirts, progressing from modest and formal full length dresses gradually shortening in length over the years to become mini skirts. We have an appropriate skirt length for any occasion and you will find our skorts to be excellent golf apparel as well. Every woman should own at least one skirt and SlimSation has you covered.

Add our knee-length skirts, midi skirts, and skorts to your wardrobe and rekindle the freedom of comfortable hem length and discover our waist technology if you haven’t already. Skorts are a combination between shorts and skirts providing the best of both worlds. Active skorts or athletic skorts have become popular with the increase in women’s golf apparel, tennis skirts, running skorts, and even bathing suits.

Women’s skorts or golf skorts are common in the world of women’s golf and tennis. Our great style creates a comfortable fit with a poly spandex fabric available in a variety of colors. This wide selection of casual skirts will expand your wardrobe and outfit repertoire tenfold. It is always good to have a few options when it comes to women’s skirts. Skirts make women’s clothing and life easier not to mention quite fashionable, especially with the right pair of shoes.

We have a wonderful skirt for wherever you intend to wear it. No polka dot or pleated skirts here, our cute print skort will provide the bright patterns and vibrance to your outfit. Our denim skirt creates a modest look that can be accompanied by any SlimSation top. The stone (khaki), white, and black skorts will balance out your complete set perfect for any other event. You can even wear our skirts with these leggings for an added twist or couple them with a throw sweater.

Take a look at our tops and leggings collections to finish creating a whole new outfit. A summer barbecue or a fall night out on the town, our women’s clothes will have you feeling top notch and fashionable.