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Summer time means it’s time to break out your slim sation walking shorts. Walking shorts, also known as bermuda shorts, are typically knee length or just a bit shorter, and tend to have a straight cut style in the upper leg area. Most women are excited to rock a great pair of walking shorts in the summer because they are comfortable and are great for any activity.

On average woman work 8 ½ hours per day, so if one pair of shorts can be worn at work as well as on the weekends it’s like getting 2 pairs of pants for the price of one. Pairing a great pair of walking shorts with a jacket is a great alternative look. These days a great pair of walking shorts can be as versatile as a flowing cotton skirts and are just as comfortable.

On average, the cost of one pair of womens shorts are about $59 but it all depends on the brand, materials, fabric, and other details of the product. Also, when buying shorts there are some things you want to take into consideration. What is the most convenient way to purchase your favorite shorts? Is there a retailer that sells what you are looking for nearby? Can the products you want be purchased online? Are the shorts available in petite, women’s and plus size? Do you know what size you need to buy without trying them on?

The good thing about Slimsation brand clothes, is that they are for sale in fine retail stores like Dillards and Von Maurs but can also be purchased online at, as well as at Travelsmith. Also, purchasing Slimsation shorts and pants is easy because they can help you choose the right size and make sure you get the result you are looking for.

When You Don’t Know What To Wear

Sim sation walking shorts are the perfect solution for when you are asking yourself “what should I wear?” Nation wide women need to review the best line of short pants out there to choose which brand and style fit them best. For more curvy ladies out there, slimsation pants come with flexible tummy control that gives a slimming silhouette that will last all day long. Whether you are out running errands, attending a baseball game, at the golf course, or at work, slimsations shorts are great as active wear apparel and will continue to control your tummy no matter where you are.

10 Pounds Lighter

Along with the tummy control feature, slimtastic pants are wrinkle resistant and have stretchy fabric that will move with you. The shorts retain their shape and control annoying muffin tops because of the high waisted rise and style of the pants. Slimsation bottoms give you sensations of looking, shaping and feeling 10 lbs. lighter, and chances are your boyfriend, husband, or significant other will notice a difference too.


The Slimsation clothing collections all provide great value along with ease and comfort to everyone that wears them. Other than walking shorts you can purchase other Slimsation products including: a variety of slimming capris pants, ankle pants, and slim fit pants, Multiples clothing company jackets, tops, and blouses. Each of the tops look fabulous with any of these styles of walking shorts which make them a great investment and it’s even better that they are affordable.

Variety Of Colors

It’s true that women love choices, and boy do we have an excellent variety of color choices available. Everything from midnight, which is a dark blue, to turquoise, stone khaki, white, black, and denim jean, all of these options of Slimsation walking shorts can be purchased.

The slimsation by multiples collection’s wide range of colors make every woman feel confident and fun. With the variety of of slimsation styles you can always be prepared for whatever comes your way. From Slimsation walking shorts, to slimsation jeans, or slimsation capris, these styles are fun and relaxed enough for a weekend getaway and then are great when you’re back to the office Monday morning.

The feel of the fabric and material used is like satin, unlike some of the cheap store brand shorts that feel like you just pulled on an old pair of cargo shorts that you used to swim in when you were camping. When you pull on these shorts you will fall in love instantly.