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Capris are a classic cropped pant and a flattering fashion that more women should have in their closet.Slim capri pants date back to the 1960’s when Mary Tyler Moore appeared on The Dick Van Dyke Show wearing a pair of snug capri pants.

The style quickly became all the rage with teen girl’s giving them the sensations of being a movie star like Mary Tyler Moore and Grace Kelly who were sporting the capri in movies and television.

Nowadays, the best capri style pants come in many styles like linen, nylon pants, cargo, pajama pants, and camo styles. Womens capri pants range from dressy styles, to wide waist capris and casual denim capris too. Slimsation capri pants can be used as Active wear when golfing or hiking as well. The best part is that with Slimsation’s website you can even purchase what you’re looking for online. And instead of cheap women’s capris Slimsation capri pants are the best quality out there that many people love and rage about.

Historically, capri pants have had many different names over the years since then.

Knickerbockers: These types of capri pants are a type of baggy-kneed comfort trousers but instead of being for women, they are typically worn by men as part of a golf outfit.

Pedal Pushers: Originally worn by cyclists, because long pants can catch in the chains of a bicycle. These were the perfect solution.

Clam Diggers: Often cuffed and worn tight to fit your leg, they are related to capri pants and over the past decades were very popular.

Culotte: The style of tight trousers ending just below the knee. This style was popular in France during the reign of Henry III. Culottes normally fasten by the knee with buttons, straps, buckles or a drawstring. Ruffle shirts, pockets, petite and 14-18 plus size were part of the line.

No matter what you call them, Slimsation capri pants look fabulous and feel great at the same time as slimming and shaping your figure no matter where you are or what activity you are participating in. You can be playing golf, lounging around the house, or out and about and slimsation capris are some of the most comfortable pants for any occasion.

Offering the tummy control panel, these capris will make you look and feel 10 pounds lighter. When paired with other articles of clothing like Slimsations Tops you will be the talk of the town.

Weather you choose a white pair of capris to workout in, or pair of black stretch capri fit pants for a business meeting, you can wear them for any occasion you can think of and you can mix and match tops with bottoms as well. Available in a variety of colors, slimsation capris can match anything in your closet, even the brown pieces. Everyone that wears them, loves the way they feel when they pull on a pair of Slimsation pants due to the relaxed fit and feel. When you ease into a great pair of capri pants there is no better feeling. They are great for all weather also, if it’s raining or sunny and hot, capris can be worn anytime. Also, for shorter and more petite women capris can be a good option instead of purchasing pants or jeans that are too long.
No matter what color and style you choose, you won’t regret purchasing a pair of slimsation capris.